Digitalization Research Cluster @ Leiden University

We are a group of scholars in the CADS Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences, working on issues related to the digitalization of culture, society, and scholarship. This is where we will host our digital projects.

Our Mission

The d12n Research Cluster provides a space for inquiry and intervention into the ongoing digit(al)ization of culture, society, and scholarship. The research cluster aims to link CADS Institute researchers to each other as well as to experts and practitioners from around the world as we combine thinking and doing in relation to digital infrastructures, technologies, and cultural forms.

We understand digitalization to be a broad process of transformation affecting practices, institutions and discourses, albeit unevenly and with varying effects. Digitalization does not just take place “out there,” but affects our own work as scholars. We are particularly interested in how we can study and represent this process, but also in how social scientific knowledge can help in the development of more fair, socially just, and culturally sensitive systems.


Jitsi Meet

A videoconferencing server.

Since 2021 / Source


A collaborative real-time editor.

Since 2021 / Source


A daily linklog.

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